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"Hi Nadine thank you so much for a lovely evening I am trying to make sure I can come more often now that I have behavioral support, I just wanted to tell you how my spirits were lifted having a place like yours, thank you."


Mother of Jason, a boy with Autism who attended our Autism Support Group

"Thank you so much for having me and my family last night at the 2nd Annual Holiday Celebration. It was a wonderful thing that you did. I wish there were more people and organizations out there like Nassan’s Place to help us look out for our special little ones. Thank you so much again."


S. Holmes

Parent of a child with Autism

“I want to thank Nadine for providing a safe place for my son Christopher who is 7 yrs old and has Autism. I feel completely comfortable leaving Christopher at Nassan’s Place “Summer Enrichment Program for Children with Autism” because she has a structured program where the activities that the kids participate in are engaging and productive. It is wonderful to finally get some time for myself to de-stress so that I can be completely engaged and be ready for my son. From the 1st time I participated in one of their events, I felt comfortable and the events are Autism friendly. I didn’t feel like I had to apologize for anything, after being rejected from many places, Nassan’s Place is a pleasant change.”


S. Webber

Parent of a Child with Autism

"My boys and I had the pleasure of attending a sensory-friendly movie event with Nassan’s Place last year.  We immediately felt like we were “home”.  There were so many wonderful people who opened their arms and hearts to us.  For the first time in a very long time… we felt like we belonged somewhere.  As time went on and we attended more events with Nassan’s Place, the boys and I developed close friendships with other families we met along the way.   Not only did my boys find friends who they are comfortable with and can be themselves around, but I had the pleasure of meeting other Moms who understood my struggles and challenges.  As a single Mom to twins with Autism, it was always difficult to find kindred spirits.  Because of Nassan’s Place, I am lucky enough to have found ours.  I cannot thank Nadine and all of the other Board Members and Volunteers enough for their support of the Autism community.  Their events for the children are always fun and safe, and their events for the adults are always supportive, informative, and uplifting!  The boys and I are so lucky to be a part of Nassan’s Place!  We are looking forward to a wonderful summer filled with love and friendship!"


Dena Russell, mom to twin boys with Autism  

"Huge THANK YOU to Nadine Wright-Arbubakrr, founder of Nassan’s Place for Recognizing Autism Dads at the Annual Gala!! We met Nadine through a mutual Friend a couple of years ago and she has been nothing but a Blessing to my Family and I. Nadine is more of a blessing to us than she may even know. She is the only person who opened her doors to our daughter Madison who is affected by Autism, when after school programs would turn us down and tell us Madison can’t come back, when we couldn’t attend a normal movie at the movie theater because Madison was too loud... Nadine you have changed our lives and I sit teary eyed as I write these words because of the tremendous impact you’ve made on so many families who have children with Autism. You fund everything on donations from others and no matter what always make it work.  I can sit and write a book... but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!"

Tiffany, mom to Madison

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